Thursday, September 26, 2019

3rd Series Checklist (#191)

Many of the checklist posts I see on peoples' blogs are accompanied by statements like "I hate checklists", "Checklists are a waste of a card", or even "When I got a checklist, I usually threw it out".

Not me! I loved getting checklists. Back in the day, before the internet, before factory set sales, (and even before baseball card magazines!) checklists were the only way to find out what cards were available to collect. Back then, I kept every double and triple of every checklist I would get. (You never knew who might need one, or if you would have to re-do yours because it became an ink-stained mess.)

The first 3 years I collected cards were 1967-1969. In those sets, the checklists included the floating head of whichever superstar had the "x00" (hero) number on that checklist. How cool was that, as a bonus?

On this 1963 checklist, there are many names of players who never made it to the 1967 set, so I had no idea who they were for decades. In the past few years, I have begun collecting 1963-66 cards, and have blogged the cards of these players previously unknown to me:

Bubba Phillips
Ron Piche
Albie Pearson
Willie Kirkland
Roger Craig
Lenny Green
Joe Amalfitano
Ken Hunt
Joe Christopher
Joe(y) Jay
Hobie Landrith
Pete Runnels
Eli Grba
Frank Malzone
Billy Smith
Leo Burke
Jim Gentile

I still have no idea who these players are, nor their teams or positions:

Sammy Esposito
Cecil Butler
Glen Hobbie
Gene Conley
Tiger Twirlers (nyuk nyuk)
Mike Roarke
Don Leppert (I know he was a coach for some teams)
Johnny Logan
Ellis Burton
Dave Stenhouse

So these last 10 (and the unknowns from the other series) are the 1963 cards I will probably get next.